Purity & Price Guaranteed

At Armena Refinery USA we pride ourselves on integrity, experience, and innovation. We provide accurate assays and immediate settlement via wire transfer payments. By using the most advanced state-of-the-art technology, we are able to recover the highest yields of precious metals.

The scope of businesses we can accommodate is unlimited, from jewelers of all sizes to pawnbrokers, to large loads of precious metals used in industrial applications. While we are uniquely prepared for smaller loads, but no smelting operation is too large. Our fully equipped facility allows us to offer you flexibility and our onsite processes ensure secure and fast turnaround.

We encourage patrons to visit our refinery and witness our precious metals refining process firsthand. Our friendly staff works closely with you and is always available to answer your questions or assist with any needs that may arise. If you are planning a visit to New York City and have precious metals refining needs, we invite you to stop in and see us. You won’t be waiting for days to see progress because lots are processed the same or next day that they are received.

Whether you decide to bring your items to us in person or ship them, we provide two methods to start the precious metals refining process.

Scratch on Stone Acid Test

  • Usually done with smaller lots.
  • All items are inspected carefully by our highly trained and experienced staff.
  • Stones and fillings are removed and the metal is tested on a basalt stone to determine purity.
  • The percentage and weight of precious metal will determine the final sale price, set daily to the London Gold Exchange.

Depending on your lot size and expected turnaround, the “scratch on stone” acid testing may not be your best option. Assaying is an analytic process for evaluation, and at Armena Refinery USA we handle precious metals assaying with the strictest of accuracy standards to ensure that you get a fair valuation for your lot.

In cases where “scratch on stone” acid testing is not appropriate, we will advise melting your gold and then applying one of two other methods to determine value. The two alternative forms of precious metals assaying that we offer are machine assaying and fire assaying.

Machine Assaying Method

  • Machine assaying is a faster method than fire assaying but also yields high accuracy results.
  • The metal is melted into a bar; a sample is drilled, and then the sample is X-rayed through one of our two onsite X-ray machines to determine purity.
  • X-ray Analysis Equipment: this technology is used for all machine assays and ensures the most accurate results in less than one minute. At Armena Refinery USA, you will never wait a week for your assay results.
  • The machine assay is generally accurate to five parts per thousand.
  • This method of assaying is provided free of charge.

Fire Assaying Method

  • More time consuming, but has the highest level of accuracy. Monetary advances are available before we have final results in order to help with your cash flow needs.
  • Metal is melted down then the precious metal sample is chemically separated from the other metals, giving the exact purity of the bar.
  • It takes about one day
  • The amount of precious metal is then calculated based on the after-melt weight and the results of the fire assay. This process is the standard for valuing gold and silver at major mining companies and refineries.
  • Five times more accurate than a machine assay.

Details of Our Refinement

When your package is received at Armena Refinery USA, we inspect and record the contents. We ensure that all weights documented on your packing slip are correct. Weight is recorded in pennyweights (dwt). All clients are notified when their packages have arrived in our facility.

  • Your material is separated into a “with stones” lot and a “without stones” lot.
  • Your material is assigned a lot number.
  • Lots without stones are processed in our melting facility. Your material is melted into a single bar.
  • Lots with stones are processed in our laboratory using our Chemical Stone Recovery Process.
  • The bar and samples are assayed through the most appropriate method.
  • The spectrometer provides us with an assay on your precious metals.
  • Your settlement is analyzed.
  • Payment is made based upon after-melt weight and percentage of precious materials.
  • You are contacted through email or by phone with your settlement.
  • Our settlement options include standard check, overnight check, or wire transfers deposited directly into your account.
  • Lots with stones recovery: your stones are cleaned, weighed, and returned to you via FedEx.

As you can see, we are hands-on at every step, and you are advised throughout the process. Contact us today for information on our services and how we can assist you and your business. Learn how to take advantage of our precious metals refining services and convert your inventory into valuable cash today!