About Us

Earning customer loyalty in the gold refining industry requires trust, and no one else knows that better than we do at Armena Refinery USA. For over 20 years we have been serving the jewelry industry with a level of honesty and integrity that is second to none. We have earned a reputation as one of the premier full-service, business-to-business precious metals refineries in the nation.

At Armena Refinery USA we buy, refine and assay all varieties and all qualities of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We are experts in stone recovery with a unique chemical process that minimizes the danger of damage common in traditional methods. We also sell pure gold: 24K grains, gold bars and all types of gold coins. No job is too big or too small: each transaction is handled with the same attention to detail. For more than two decades we have upheld our commitment to companies of all sizes, nationwide.

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us because our longevity depends on it. With each individual trade we strive to keep our customers’ business through professional integrity, expert handling and competitive pricing. Our convenient and varied scope of capabilities allows us to service a broad range of businesses—from jewelry shops and antique dealers to industrial manufacturers and dentists.

Service is a Complete Package

We offer fast turnaround with our 24-48 hour package processing. We understand that in today’s market it’s more important than ever to maximize your assets. Gold is at a record high and cash flow is vital. That’s why all of our clients receive the benefit of the following:


  • 24 HOUR PAYMENTS – We expedite your settlement swiftly to increase your business cash flow.
  • NO SHIPPING CHARGES – Free pickup. Free delivery. 100% Guaranteed. Always.
  • DAILY REFINING – We process your package the same or next day it arrives.
  • RAW MATERIAL SPECIALISTS – Our experts can identify all precious metals accurately to provide the greatest yields and highest returns.
  • X-RAY ANALYSIS TECHNOLOGY – Our in-house X-ray analysis machines enable us to provide our clients with nearly 100% accurate assays.
  • IN-HOUSE LABORATORY – We melt, refine and assay in our facilities; we do not outsource.
  • STONE RECOVERY – We employ a unique Chemical Stone Recovery Process that allows your stones to be safely recovered for new and future uses.

Buy With Confidence

We at Armena Refinery USA are highly respected across the country for our jewelry refining services.

As a jeweler, your business is probably taking in more gold than ever before. This is the result of the current, record-high value of gold combined with consumers’ appetite for cash in these times of cautious economic outlook. No matter the size of your lot or shipment, our jewelry refining services can accommodate you and we are prepared to pay you top dollar. Whether a broken chain or old pieces your customers no longer wear, you can purchase their gold with the confidence that you will recover your costs.

We have been assaying the purity of a variety of precious metals for the past 20 years. Whether you are exchanging gold, silver or platinum, our jewelry refining services can meet your needs. Our flexibility with onsite facilities allows us to serve a variety of clients in the jewelry business, from smaller retailers to the largest auction house.

Contact us now for information on our processes and the latest prices. Learn how to take advantage of our precious metals refining services and turn your scrap jewelry and unused gold into valuable cash today!