Jewelry Services

Buy With Confidence

We at Armena Refinery USA are highly respected across the country for our jewelry refining services.

As a jeweler, your business is probably taking in more gold than ever before. This is the result of the current, record-high value of gold combined with consumers’ appetite for cash in these times of cautious economic outlook. No matter the size of your lot or shipment, our jewelry refining services can accommodate you and we are prepared to pay you top dollar. Whether a broken chain or old pieces your customers no longer wear, you can purchase their gold with the confidence that you will recover your costs.

We have been assaying the purity of a variety of precious metals for the past 20 years. Whether you are exchanging gold, silver or platinum, our jewelry refining services can meet your needs. Our flexibility with onsite facilities allows us to serve a variety of clients in the jewelry business, from smaller retailers to the largest auction house.

Contact us now for information on our processes and the latest prices. Learn how to take advantage of our precious metals refining services and turn your scrap jewelry and unused gold into valuable cash today!